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Sanmenxia Kaite Refractory Fibre Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high-temperature  Ceramic Fiber Products which works under temperature range from 1000℃ to 1650℃. After more than 30 years of continuous reform and innovation, a complete set of equipment and production technology with unique process technology has been formed. The company has nearly 80 employees, 3 senior engineers, and 5 technicians. The company gained the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification in July 2003. So far, it has obtained 15 patents, 3 innovative invention patents, 6 design patents, and 6 utility model patents. The company will face the world and cooperate with well-known international companies in the same industry to produce high quality, satisfactory and reliable high-temperature, heat-resistant and energy-saving materials for customers to meet their needs. And provide integrated services such as scheme design, construction supervision.

Kaite always adheres to the business philosophy of “doing better today than yesterday and higher tomorrow than today”, and provides high-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving insulation and refractory fiber products to customers worldwide.