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●  In 2004, Kaite was rated as A-level credit enterprise by Sanmenxia City

●  Obtained ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate in July 2006

●  In 2007, Kaite was awarded as Sanmenxia Welfare Enterprise by Sanmenxia Civil Affairs Bureau

●  In 2009, Kaite was appraised as advanced unit for new project construction by Sanmenxia Refractories Industry Association

●  In 2010, Kaite was appraised as the vice president unit of Sanmenxia Refractories Industry

●  In 2011, Kaite was rated as an excellent partner by Hunan Tianyan Supercharger Branch

●  Obtained high-tech enterprise certificate on June 26, 2013

●  Obtained Henan Provincial Technology Small and Medium Enterprise Certificate on January 29, 2018

●  May 21, 2018 Obtained the certificate of safety production standardization